Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Statement Of Opportunity

When they re-bond their hair, sometimes...
1) The ends of the hair will frizz – burnt 
2) It is rather frustrating not being able to wash their hair for 3-4 days
3) They regret re-bonding their hair [applies to some ladies only]
4) They have to sit down for 4-6 hours just to get their hair re-bonded(BUTT CRAMPS!!!)
5) Re-bonding their hair may [in most cases] cause them to lose their hair faster

Wouldn't it be nice if...
---------------------------------> your hair ALWAYS looks beautiful once you get up from sleep?

Can we change our DNA?
Can we make changes to the machine that is used to re-bonding the Ladies' hair?
Can we invent or improvise on a formulae that can help Ladies with the after-effects of re-bonding their hair?

Innovate something to either help people change the hair cell (style). 
EG: ASIANS have ROUND type of hair cells while EURASIANS have FLAT type of hair cells. Perhaps if we infuse these two, or take out the positive usages of these two types of hair cells and infuse them together to make a formulae that will benefit all Ladies when they start experiencing the after-effects of re-bonding their hair [burnt hair tip!!!].


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