Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Root cause - Wheelchair bound individuals

Wouldn't it be nice if wheelchairs could travel from place to place easily. --->
Wheelchairs cannot travel on uneven surfaces (stairs) --->
Designers/society assume handicapped people do not travel much, so the design of the wheel chair is basically for them to move around on common surfaces --->
Most disabled people have sympathetic family members and volunteers to help them, but few do not have the support that is why they have difficulties

Because of an assumption made by the society, that handicapped people do not travel much, and will always receive the support of sympathetic family members or volunteers. A few without help from these people, will have difficulties traveling around. How might we improve the design of wheelchairs so that it enable the disabled to travel around easily on their own by 2012.

Bryan, Shiying, Chinni, Wei Qin

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