Wednesday, April 13, 2011

13th april I&E

1)It would be nice if we had access to a lot of nuclear energy.
Wouldn't it be great if we could do so safely
I believe that when nuclear energy could be tomorrow's energy
Don't you think having tremendous amount of energy but not have any risks included?
Why not consider a string of islands in the middle of pacific powering your city
2)It would be nice if we could have access of energy anywhere!
Wouldn't it be great if you could drive on a highway running on electricity!
I believe that when we remake tesla’s wardenclyffe.
Don't you think that life would be easier with excess to “wireless energy”
Why not consider electrically charged air!

1)Japan nuclear power plant problem
>Build nuclear power plants somewhere else
>if they are built on earth we have many dangers and threats facing us but we could always build them in other planets 
problems for the above solution: we may not be able to get electricity.....maybe long distance under-see electricity cables but those will be affected by earth quakes......maybe electricity can be transmitted by water itself...
>final conclusion: chain of islands in the middle of the pacific with several nuclear plants and as many earthquake immune systems...the electricity will be transmitted through rubber pipes with wires floating on the sea or under the sea bed....

2)Tesla brought all his ideas to his death bed-->WARDENCLYFFE
>tesla the great inventor was on the verge of finishing a great project for the good of the world.....
>we can easily recreate this project with sophisticated modern technology but the cost would be quite high....this can be resolved if the countries benefitting from this project contributing some money each...
>first more research must be done to make sure this project really is do-able as we need to know if humans health is threatened and if the science of today is advanced enough..
>final conclusion: a huge tesla tower in the middle of the atlantic or indian ocean that electrically charges the air and this electricity can be used if it is properly received
the first tests can be in the middle of the sea where many ships past through and when ships are in range of the tower they can switch to the electrical energy for a while...if this works the project can be tried on smaller cities and long highways in the states electrically powering cars that pass by...

Yan Feng,Edwin and Harindrar, sheares

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